General Ramblings

Life is full of ups and downs. In my case, they are usually at the same time.

I have moved out of Australia and I am now basically living an itinerant lifestyle. This has been brought about mostly as a result of splitting with my wife of nearly 28 years combined with the nature of my work.

When I am not travelling at the moment, then I lay my head in Seoul, Korea. However, I am not even sure how long that will last now, given that the three bosses I have at work have three different views of my talents and why I was hired. Now, pleasing one boss is difficult, two is bloody near impossible. Try doing it with three.

Since splitting from my wife, I noticed that my relationship with some of my children has changed. I think I have actually moved closer to the two eldest boys. I miss being around my youngest son but that pain of that passes fairly quickly. My daughter still, I think, fears me and thinks that anything that happens that is not good will cause me to explode. Nothing could be further from the truth. I guess she will come to that realisation at some time when she discovers I am good as emotional support.

The biggest problem I guess I have is that my peer support group are basically spread all over the world. I would walk miles barefoot across broken glass for the opportunity to have a few of them in the same room as me at the same time. I guess, as always, I will just have to rely on myself to get through.

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