Sitting in Seoul, freezing my short ones off. It is cold. My buddies are away at the moment (one lucky bugger’s in Bangkok where it is hot). Still, I am due over to Kazakhstan sometime in the near future where today the high was -7 Celsius. I have another friend in Ulaan Baatar at the moment and there it is -20 so I guess Seoul ain’t too bad.

Money is still an issue in Thomo’s life at the moment. I am basically living on a couple of hundred bucks in the bank account (mind you, I can give you 200 recipes for instant noodles now). A beer would be real nice … and some company other than my own but hey, it’ll have to wait.

I am back to painting some figures again (see Thomo’s Hole – there is a link here somewhere) which is good for reducing stress and relaxing. The World War II Ships (French and Italian) are getting the treatment at the moment.

Being the eternal optimist though, I expect it will all get better in the next couple of weeks (there must be a little of Voltaire 1 in me).


1. Note from 24 February 2009 – actually, I meant to write Candide as it was Candide who was the optimist – Voltaire was just the inventor of Candide

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