Church in Korea

My translator is quite a spiritual person and after having watched my suffering for 90 minutes with the dentist she invited me to church this Sunday. Those that know me know that I sort of float between nice healthy atheism and confused agnosticism. I accepted her invitation, however, and whilst I cannot report a John Saffran event, I can report that what I had expected was somewhat different to the reality.

I had known that the Korean Church congregations were big, some of them really big and had thought that some of the “personal” contact necessary for a congregation to be a congregation would be missing. Well, Miss Lee took me to Korean Service with a simultaneous translation into English for those of us that were not Korean Speakers.

It was a good service. The preacher preached with power and charisma and humour. The choir sang with passion. The congregation congregated as only 500 to 1000 people can. One really nice touch for me, and one thing that I had not heard of in 50 years, was when the prayer for the offertory was being made, the preacher prayed for good use of the funds given and then prayed for “those who want to give but because of their circumstances cannot”. That was a nice touch to me.

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