One Month in Mongolia

Today marks day number 30 in Mongolia, and as I arrived in April, this means that I have now been in Ulaanbaatar for one calander month. What have I discovered in that time? A lot really. There is a fair population mix between the poor and the well off. Mind you, the salary levels are not that high for the middle classes for example, but rather that they just have a job. There are a number of people in Ulaanbaatar who are in from the countryside, finding it impossible to make a living in the countryside they have descended on the city. However, that just means that there are less jobs around in the city as well.

I have a picture of some locals stealing coal from one of the trains at Ulaanbaatar station.  This is an ongoing problem. Not just coal from the trains either but it could be cables (any sort) for scrap value or rolling the odd foreigner on the grounds that we must be rich. Allowing for that though, the Mongolians are a warm and friendly bunch and nothing has been too much trouble, especially those I work with.

Food is good (lots of Korean Restaurants) with a good mix of western style or western fusion as well. Dave’s Place does an English Breakfast all day so on those days when something familiar is needed, Dave’s is the place to go.

One thought on “One Month in Mongolia

  1. thomo the lost 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    I have been informed over recent times that Dave's Place has since closed and Dave and Ariuana returned to the UK. Sigh! No "X" when I travel back to Mongolia and I'll need to find somewhere else for an all day breakfast.


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