Train Travel, Visas and Related Matters

There will be a long tale updated to the Hole soon concerning Thomo’s Train Trip on the Mongolian Express to Erlian in China and back. 60 hours I was away from Ulaanbaatar and 30 of those hours were spent either in a train or on a station waiting for a train. Thrill a minute … not! Look out for it in the Hole. It’ll be under the title “Nara … I’m Bored!”

The reason for the train trip? My visa was not correct so I had to leave the country so that the government could formally invite me to return to the country to work here. Yep, I know but I had to leave the country to do it. Note: If you ever need to do this – do not listen to your office. Fly to Seoul instead! The article can be found under the title of “Nara … I’m Bored!“. Part Two is available as well!

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