Iceman and SMS

When I worked in Seoul many years ago, one of the then NCR executives had a driver who had been nicknamed Iceman after one of the characters from Top Gun, essentially for his ability to drive a car like a fighter pilot through Seoul traffic.

One of the benefits of my work at the bank here in Mongolia is that a bank vehicle collects me in the morning and takes me home in the afternoon. One of my drivers I have nicknamed Iceman for his ability to negotiate Ulaanbaatar traffic that is moving at between 40 and 60 kilometres an hour whilst never dropping below 120 kilometres an hour himself. He manages this one handed in a manual vehicle (one handed because generally his other hand is holding his mobile phone).

Today it was capped off for me though as whilst travelling in the usual manner, he managed to receive, read and then reply to an SMS message – all the while missing the other cars and frequent pedestrians 😕

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