I guess seeing as I am spending so much time in Mongolia that I should write a few little bits about Mongolia. In case you are curious, here is some of the history (of Thomo and Mongolia, not the Great Khan – would that be UX XAAN?? < — I will need to wait for one of my Mongolian speaking friends to adjudicate on that one).

Question: Thomo – why did you come to Mongolia?
Answer: To be honest, the offer from Khan Bank here was the first offer that came across my life right after saying “I will take the first money paying offer that turns up”. It had nothing to do with the separation from my wife (the start of this year was not good).

Question: Was it a good move Thomo, coming to Mongolia that is?
Answer: Yep – best move I have made for many years … and being paid cold hard cash rather than promises is nice too.

Question: Where does “Thomo” come from?
Answer: “Thomo” is a nickname that I have from Australia. For the origin of Thomo the Lost – look at the story of the Thompson name. “Thom”, however, is also a Mongolia word meaning “big”. Now, given that Thomo has a somewhat fulsome figure, shall we say, Thomo is an appropriate nickname in Mongolia. My predecessor had “Thomo” included on my business cards. It works. It doubly works in Mongolia.

Question: What is the worst thing about Mongolia?
Answer: As I have not lived through a winter here, I would have to say the driving. I will, of course, be happy to change this opinion around December or January.

Question: What is the best thing about Mongolia?
Answer: Undoubtedly the people. A warmer, more giving of themselves group I could never wish to meet.

OK, that covers some questions. Perhaps I will cover more in a future instalment. Let me say though, if you get a chance to travel to Mongolia, then take it.

Cheers, UX THOMO, the Lost BAATAR 🙂

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