Korea Changes

I’ve been travelling to Korea for many years now. I’ve stayed at hotels in a number of places in the country and I have travelled through the airport many times. Now I am peeved. I arrived at the hotel at 12:50 to be greeted by a smiling imbecile behind the counter who with a broad smile happily announced that check-in was from 2:00. Just what you need to hear after a few hours travelling. Guys, apologise to the guest and say “I am sorry sir, the rooms are still being made up – they will be ready at 14:00”, not “Check-in is at 2!”

Then there was the nice lady who telephoned me today at 11:30 to say “you know checkout time is 12:00?”

Guys – as you rush to be a dominant power in Asia and to improve your globalisation position, remember, English has a whole pile of niceties built into it to stop crotchety old men like me getting grumpy. Use them!

And the final peeve? Incheon airport. Nice and efficient with the security check (my laptop bag gets sniffed each time I pass through there). Trouble is, every time I pass through there, I have to take my shoes off so that they can be x-rayed!

What is wrong with that I hear you ask? Well, the first thing is that the shoe x-ray is sort of random. The second is that that sterilised sandals that are provided are all Asian sized. So, either I walk in socks in a country that has almost religious zealousness about only shoes touching the ground or I walk in small sandals, look like an idiot and run the risk of falling over because my feet will not fit the damn things.

Guys – there are many big footed persons in the world – try and cater for us too.

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