Talking about A Shower, My Kingdom For A Shower

August 12 and still no hot water. Now I am really hanging out for a shower, a nice hot shower. A couple of days ago, I was ready to slip around to my favourite Mongolian Family’s Apartment and take a hot shower there. Had it all planned. They were coming to visit me that evening, we’d have something to eat and Thomo would then hop in the car with them and travel back to their place where he would luxuriate for hours under a constant stream of hot water, emerging squeaky clean, with not a trace of soap left anywhere. Sigh. That would have been a heavenly bliss.

That morning I received an SMS message with the text “no hot water :-(“.

I was distraught. 9 bloody days so far and no end in sight 😦

Talking about A Shower, My Kingdom For A Shower

Because it is so cold in winter, the Mongolians want to make sure that the boilers work for the full winter so they service them in the summer.

They are servicing the one that supplies my apartment building now – this is day number three without hot water. So whilst I would give a kingdom for a shower, it is not quite correct. I would give my kingdom for a hot shower 😦
At least I can feel moderately confident of feeling hot most of the winter.


A Shower, My Kingdom For A Shower

Being Australian, I like a shower. I like to be well cleaned. Going a few days without from necessity is not a great trial, but at the first availalbe opportunity to take a shower, then a shower I will take.

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