Cave of the Yellow Dog

We like the cinema here. It is run by a Korean company and the entry fee is 3,000 tugrigs each (about US $2.50). Toss another 2,000 tugrigs down for popcorn and drink and the movies become an inexpensive night out.We had seen “The Tale of the Weeping Camel” so Tseye decided that we should see the “Cave of the Yellow Dog”. Byambasuren Davaa wrote the screenplay to this as well as directing the movie. It is set in the countryside of Mongolia and is based around a herder’s family. The family is a real family, rather than actors, and they give a wonderful idea of what is like for a herder and his family.

The story is set around the family’s eldest daughter. She comes back from school early in the summer (herder’s children are generally boarded away at school during teaching time, coming back to the family during the school holidays). When looking after the family’s flock of sheep and goats she finds a dog.

Her father is worried about the dog though as they do not know where the dog is from, just that the dog was found in a cave and is therefore more likely to have wolf exposure. The father worries about the dog bringing the family bad luck. Indeed, it seems this may be the case although in the end the dog proves his worth.

A recommended movie this, doubly so as it really does give a good idea of life in a herder’s family in Mongolia. Note that the photo attached to this is not from the movie, but is a genuine herder’s hut.

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