A Cool Night for a Beer

Dave and Oyuna at the Bar
Dave and Oyuna at the Ice Bar

Saturday night in Ulaanbaatar. I had just returned from Nukht, about 20 minutes drive out of town, where the bank had held a planning session. About 7:30 I found myself with nothing much to do except watch TV and watch the washing dry so thought I would head over to Dave’s Place for a bite to eat and a pint of “X”. I hadn’t been there for a while so thought it would be good to catch up on a few things  – like what had been happening for the last three months.

So, enter Thomo, from a -36 degree evening outside. I had walked to the pub and heaven’s it was cold. Entered, undid coat and Dave says “we are just going out, come with us”. Thomo does up coat again and we headed out into the cold again to the other side of the Railway line and a party around an Ice Bar. The party was hosted by some of the guys from Ivanhoe Mines. There were two half gers ((small sized gers)) there, as well as a number of 44 gallon drums burning wood. Food was inside.

Thomo after walking home
Thomo after his stupidly walking home - the red is real as is the ice!

Naturally we stood outside, fully rugged up, drinking beer and freezing (but all being too tough to be the first to go back inside). Remember, it is -36 degrees celsius. The beer was kept chilled in a large insulated container with ice in it — the ice and the container designed to keep the beer chilled for drinking, but to prevent it freezing. No insulated beer can holders (stubby holders) needed here.

’twas a good party though, great food (which I believe was made by Joel of the UB Deli), top music and a great time. The photo above is Dave and Oyuna from Dave’s place standing by the Ice Bar. I could not take it any clearer on the phone camera as my hands were shaking too much from the cold.

One thought on “A Cool Night for a Beer

  1. Garrett 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    I enjoy reading your blog, partly because I'm jealous of your living and working in Ulaanbaatar. Stay warm and enjoy the holidays.


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