Mongolian Ice

Mongolian Ice - Click to see it larger
The non-slippery(ish) ice

I spent three years living in Norway. It snows in Norway. It gets cold in Norway. The sun shines in Norway. The result of these event in Norway is ice. Ice on the ground. Nasty, slippery (and sometimes wet) ice. I have the bruises and scars still from the ice of the three years I spent in Norway.It’s cold in Mongolia too. Actually, that statement kind of hides the truth. It is really, really cold in Mongolia. And sometimes there is snow, and sometimes there is sun. The result of this is also ice. The difference is that here it is so cold that even the ice freezes.

The nice thing about Mongolian ice is that because it is so cold here, the ice is not as slippery as Norwegian ice. So far this winter I have managed to not slip over (touch wood and whistle).

One thought on “Mongolian Ice

  1. Peter 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am


    Thanks for the fun. I can see I left you with a immutable impression with the Korean Sausages but please stop writing invidious aspersions about my favorite dish!

    If you are lucky and we find ourselves in my Mother Land at the same time, I will be most happy to invite you for another night in Jeon Ju for a place which servies copious amount of sausages topped with some guts and delicious gizzard.

    Keep Well,

    Peter Han

    February 24 2:02 PM


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