9000 Page Views and Counting

I was checking the statistics of the site and I note that I have had over 9,000 page views so far. Some of those on the site have been automatic (such as the various search engines and other blogspots) but by far most are from folks either stopping in to have a read of the Blog and think, “what a lucky bloke to have a life such as this” or think “poor bugger, fancy having a life like that”.

Now you might not think that this is not so many views, especially for the time the blog has been running. After all, some celebrity type folks have 200,000 page views a day. I feel satisfied though as this is the blog of just an ordinary person and this many views is somewhat gratifying as a result.

To those of you that have send messages to me asking questions and/or saying nice things, thank you. I trust you got my replies as I answer all messages to me.

To those of you that suggested at various stages that I was some sort of loser, let me just say “nuts!” You can Google up the significance of that at your leisure.

In any case, do keep dropping in. I will keep updating and even if I move from Mongolia to somewhere else, I will naturally post Thomo’s jaundiced view of that place.

And to Alimaa, “hi”! Do I owe you an email?

2 thoughts on “9000 Page Views and Counting

  1. thomo the lost 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    This was, of course, for the MSN space I had. I now have transferred all those entries to here. Interestingly, it took a bazillion days to get to 9000 page views here, whereas the new Thomo's Hole has reached 2000 in just 45 days.

    We will continue to watch and see what happens.


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