Talking about Thomo gets Burgled …. Bloody TWICE!!

Just for the record, it happened again. This time was the office though and we know who did it. Luckily all I had stolen was my PC bag (the guy left my PC and stole Bayarmaa’s instead). Mind you, in the bag was a book (yes, Ulaanbaatar’s thieves are now becoming very well read) a couple of USB cables (including the one that allows me to download music to my mp3 player), 19,000 tugrig or so, my apartment key (but no address fortunately) and a packet of peppermints impossible to get in Mongolia.

Sigh – my apartment twice, Beijing and now the office.

At least the security cameras were working here and the police know who did it. They are looking for him now.


Thomo gets Burgled …. Bloody TWICE!!
Last Friday I moved house. I moved out of the hotel and into an apartment. Apartment is good, new, has 24×7 security. Because of functions on Friday afternoon and night, I grabbed my bags in the afternoon, and my laptop, and moved them into the apartment. Left them overnight (came back and slept) and unpacked everything in the morning. The office mobile phone, which I was not using because mine is better, was left here along with battery chargers for both phones, phone pouch for my good phone and the rest of my cables and such. I went into the office with the good phone and the laptop. That was about 11:00 am (I had gone to the office and had to come back as I had left my glasses here).


Well, I guess I just need to wait and see whether Mongolia gets better or worse. Buying a small island off the coast of Thailand is seeming more appealing by the day.

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