Farewell Gifts

Mongolian Landscape Painting - Click for Closer ViewI finished working at the bank a little while ago now … back in April. My! Doesn’t time fly? I’ve been looking for further work and I am torn between remaining in Mongolia or working outside of the country.

It is summertime after all and time to start taking trips into the countryside – a countryside that I have come to love. But then there is the cold morning light as well – and that cold morning says “permanent job Thomo”.


There are some other considerations as well but they are not for here.

However, the really nice thing was that when I left the bank, the folks that I worked with chipped in and bought me a going away present. A painting from and of Mongolia – so no matter where I am it will be easy to remember the endless blue sky.

Thanks guys – it really is a lovely, lovely gift.

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