Talking about A Shower, My Kingdom For A Shower

It’s that time of year again – the time of year when they check all the hot water pipes from the central boiler in Ulaanbaatar. Remember that all the hot water for the city, for heating, washing and cleaning, comes from this boiler. This has been compounded for me this year as I am in a new apartment and the building is still having some issues with water supply, resulting in the water being on and off over the day (the south side taps in the apartment have all been without water for 48 hours now whilst the north side taps have been supplying for 24 hours – well, cold water at least).

So, at the time all this is going on, the hot water is stopped for the annual check-up. Actually, I think it has been off for two days now but I did not notice it without the cold water on.

So again, I say, “a shower, my kingdom for a shower” … well, for a hot shower at least.


A Shower, My Kingdom For A Shower
One of the things in short supply on the Steppe is water.

We pulled into Baruun-urt, the Aimag Centre of Sukhbaatar Aimag at about 10 pm on Tuesday night, having been travelling for two days. The local manager of the bank had telephoned the public bathhouse and persuaded them to leave the heat on the water for a little longer. What a treat that shower was and how pleasant it was to wash the dust from face, arms, legs and hair.

I must admit, when I returned to Ulaanbaatar after a week traipsing around the Aimags, I spent a good hour soaking in a bath 🙂

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