Chinggis, Chinghis or some other spelling

Now I am confused. The great Mongolian has a Mongolian name and it makes perfect sense in Mongolian. Originally in English it was Genghis and that sort of worked too – although I guess that was from the Chinese spelling originally.

Now I spelled it in the last blog entry as Chinggis … but today I saw it spelled Chinghis on a calender here in Mongolia, so I got confused.

Googling (sorry Mr Gates) “chinggis” returned 781,000 hits, including the Chinggis Khaan Hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Chinggis Beer and so on.

Googling (still sorry Mr Gates) “chinghis”: returned 895 hits, including information about the Chinghis Khaan Hotel (but not the website itself) and Columbia Encyclopedia® article about Chinghis khan.

Whilst the encyclodedia was in there, 781,000 to 895 is an overwhelming win for Chinggis – and vindication of my thoughts that today, when I saw a Mongolian produced calender here today that had it spelled Chinghis, that the calender was wrong.

Chinggis it is.

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