Neun und neunzig luftballoon … well, three actually

Balloons Over Children’s Park - Click for a Larger View
The Balloons over the Children’s Park, Ulaanbaatar

Yes gentle reader, I looked out of my back room window (the study window), the one facing east and that looks towards the Children’s Park in Ulaanbaatar and there, a few days ago in the morning, were three hot air balloons. They were being inflated. I got some breakfast. They were inflated. I had a shower. Two disappeared and one with a lot of Japanese characters on it was left.

I watched this balloon for a while and it seemed to rise a little on its tether. It then hovered for a bit after which it was lowered back to the ground.

If I ever find out what they were about, I’ll let you know.

One thought on “Neun und neunzig luftballoon … well, three actually

  1. Thomo the Lost 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am



    I think Mongolia is great!!!

    Im from SpaiN~

    Kisses! ^^


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