Life’s So Confusing

It is. It’s that usual thing. You finish working somewhere and you look for some more work. Nothing is available. You look more. Still nothing. So you take some short-term work – just a couple of weeks to keep the wolves from the door. Then a little more short-term work. Then the future starts to look rosy again. A good opportunity pops up so you start to push for that.

Sigh, then a second and a third opportunity pops up. Now there are too many. The real trouble is that you want to do all three but really can only do one. Nothing is definite yet as there is no ink on the paper so I have to chase all three opportunities and hope that the best one is the only one left at the end.

Oh well, either a feast or a famine.

One thought on “Life’s So Confusing

  1. no name 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    This post is hilarious! I think we all face the same kind of moments from time to time. Good luck and keep going even stronger!


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