Is illegal to hunt at the moment in Mongolia. It is also illegal to eat it I guess, and to cook it.

Today I had some. I’ll describe the preparation of the meat later. However the eating of it was interesting. The flesh is quite tender although the skin is fairly chewy, sort of like roast pork when the crackling has not gone hard properly.

In appearance the meat and skin (cooked) was quite dark but I guess that may have something to do with the cooking. My Mongolian friend described the taste of Marmot as special, a reminder of childhood days spent with grandparents in the countryside.

The taste itself? It was a little gamey in flavour – kind of a stronger taste than mutton although much more tender. The skin was similar in taste to pork. All the meat tasted of the wood used to cook the meal but as I mentioned, more on the cooking in a later blog entry.

Would I eat marmot again? Yes – especially if it was legal.

And my apologies to the Marmot Hole – sorry guys.

Er and will Marmot take over from Cheeseburgers as Thomo’s favourite food? No. Not unless someone invents a Marmotburger 🙂

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