First Snow

It snowed this morning for the first time this coming season. Technically it is still autumn as the Central Heating in Ulaanbaatar is not turned on until 15 September but this morning was as cold as a mother-in-law’s kiss and it snowed. Bucket loads of it dropped, then melted. I remember waking up and thinking it was too quiet for Ulaanbaatar, then I saw the white stuff falling.

OK – so winter is just around the corner again.

But the good news is the hot water is back on today. And it is hot, hot, hot! So hot you could poach eggs in it.

Today I also added some more pictures to Thomo’s Toys – these are ships I have been painting. For those that know these things, they are 1/3000th scale. For those who do not know these things, they are about 3cm long (well, except for the destroyers which are about 15mm long).

And now gentle reader, after 13 days of washing from the hand basin, Thomo is going to have a long hot shower.

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