A Rainy Day in Jeddah

Jeddah Rain
The Hotel driveway after the rain

It rained four days ago. I awoke at 6 in the morning to the alarm then heard the thunder. Looking out of the hotel window I saw a lovely thunderstorm, thunder, lightning and rain. Had a shower, looked out the window again and the road at the back of the hotel (the Madinah Road) was flooded.

It then occurred to me, because it probably only rains once a year here no one worries about building a drainage system. In fact, walking around town I can’t recall seeing a drain. This morning, therefore, it was like driving to work through a lake.

I’ve been coming to the Middle East on and off now for 15 years and today was the first day I have been here in the rain. The nearest I came before was arriving in Kuwait two days after it had rained. I look forward to the few days here to see what happens after the rain – to see how long things remain wet.

Oh, and actually the road out the front of the hotel is also the Madinah Road.

One thought on “A Rainy Day in Jeddah

  1. thomo 3 November 2006 / 8:00 am

    I should note that it actually rained the next two days as well, just very lightly.

    Today was more normally hot and dry 🙂


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