One Hump or Two?

Kendo scolded me for being slack and not updating my blog so frequently seeing as I was in Jeddah rather than Ulaanbaatar. He then asked about the camels. Which ones were nicer (actually, I think he may have been curious about which ones were cuter but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt there).Without a doubt, Kendo, the Mongolian camels (well, really they are Bactrian camels) are, in my generally not-so-humble opinion, a superior camel to the dromedary. Both styles of camel will carry a rider. Both types of camel have a fairly gentle disposition most of the time – there are exceptions to this but I shall save that for a later blog post. Both types of camel exhibit a colour range (that is, they are not all the same colour) and both types of camel have something of the exotic in them.

One thing I like about the Bactrian is that you can tell when it is running on empty as its humps droop.

Remember as a kid, growing up in Australia and drawing pictures on pieces of butcher’s paper from the butcher’s shop for your grandmother? Even though there was a large herd of dromedaries in Australia, when we drew a camel for Nan, we always drew it with two humps. I guess even then, 45 years ago, I must have known I was going to end up in Mongolia. I can remember as a kid thinking that I’d like to see Ulan Bator (as it was spelled then) but again, more on that in another blog later.

And Wal, Kendo lost your email address when his PC went belly-up a while back.

And Kendo, I have been updating a Blogger blog – just seeing how it feels compared to Microsoft’s Live Spaces. It’s at Thomo’s Blogger Hole. Truth is, a blog containing the features of both Blogger and Live Spaces would be wonderful.

One thought on “One Hump or Two?

  1. kendotheorgulus 30 November 2006 / 8:00 am

    finally caught up with this and am pleased to have all my camel wishes fulfilled


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