Children’s Pain

It always hurts when your children hurt. Doesn’t matter how old they are, it still hurts. You always want to protect them from pain, from bad things … but sometimes you have to let them hurt. You let them hurt because you cannot find the magic words to take the pain away.When they were young, if they hurt their knee, then a little water was usually enough to take the pain away – a little water and a cuddle maybe.

As they get older, the water doesn’t work anymore and all that is left is the cuddle. But still they hurt. You know the pain will go away as you’ve lived through that pain yourself but it seems that sometimes words are not enough … and that is hard for someone who has made his living on words.

Tonight I pray for his pain to go – to see the brightness of the new day sun and to know that there is better out there, to know that always there is love and caring from the family. To give a cuddle and take the pain away, surely that is the greatest gift any parent could have and could give?

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