Sydney Airport Shop Pricing

I wanted to buy a lock for my baggage and I also wanted to buy some vegemite for my friends. What a hoot.

The Lock I purchased from the bookshop/newsagent before you go through to immigration. It cost me $21.95. So, wasn’t I happy when I went to the Chemist and saw the exact same lock there for $18.75. Exactly the same. Identical. Sigh.

Still, I noted that at the newsagent they were selling 115 gram jars of Vegemite for $3.50. I thought “I’ll wait until I get into the duty free area”, so I did.

I went into the Souvenir World Shop and there was the 115 gram jars of Vegemite for sale at $3.95 each. Argh! Does Duty Free mean GST Free? Why is it dearer in the Duty Free area than in the regular area out the front?

Still, the Newsagent/Bookshop in the Duty Free area was selling the same locks as I had already bought for $21.95, same price as outside.

Does Duty Free only apply to booze, fags and digital cameras?

I guess next time better I do all my shopping at Woolworth’s or Coles and not worry about the airpoirt.

So, tourists to Australia, best to buy your goods before the airport and leave the airport only for the purchase of booze and cigarettes.

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