Indians Question Themselves

I was in Bombay (Mumbai) for work. I had meetings to attend and was there for the week that ran into Republic Day (the 26th of January … same day as Australia Day). A couple of days before Republic Day one of the newspapers ran an article asking Indians if they felt there was less of a display of patriotism than before. The article when on to talk about pride in India and things Indian and so on.

On the way to the office that morning the rear window on the car next to me wound down and a woman dropped a handful of rubbish out the window and on to the street.

I though “there is the answer to that question … no pride in their own home”.

Then I noted all the Indian companies who do not have a .in domain. Most of the big international Indian companies seem ashamed to proclaim they are Indian as many have .com domains only. Barclay’s (an English bank) has an Indian domain for its local operation but the big software and outsourcing companies do not. Korean companies have .kr, New Zealand companies .nz, Taiwanese companies .tw but Indian companies seem to want to hide their origins.

I guess that sums up the newspaper’s question about national pride.

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