Cadaver Abuse

Cadaver abuse: UNSW apologises – National –

I read it and at first didn’t believe it. But then, thinking about it, it sort of made sense (not the behaviour but rather that people would do it). I guess when you are working with something all day, every day, then you take a different attitude to it. Soldiers seem to have carefree attitude to weapons, bank tellers to money.

These guys are working with the body parts all the time so it is understandable that they become desensitized to them. Well, that and the fact that they are probably nervous when they first deal with them. What follows from there is a natural progression. Not good, not right, but an understandable progression.

It really is time for some of the old moral values that used to be a part of Australian Society to be taught again, but I fear it will be a long process to eliminate these types of abuses.

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