Living On The Traffic Island

In Jeddah we are staying at the moment at the SAS Radisson on Madinah Road. To add to confusion, there are two SAS Radisson’s on Madinah Road. One is an all-suite luxury hotel. We are staying at the other one.

The hotel staff are great, really looking after us. The only real problem that we have is that the hotel is on the traffic island. The front of the hotel is on Madinah Road westbound and the rear of the hotel is on the Madinah Road eastbound. The result is that at night, when we want to slip across to Le Sani North Indian restaurant for a Vege Jalfreezi, Murgh Makhani and Roti, we have to cross three lanes of traffic moving westward at between 80 and 120 kilometres an hour.

This is all a matter of timing. Unfortunately, our timing is such that when we do this it is usually just after spending an hour in the gym and where our legs are now moving kind of slow.

It’s a little worse after eating. By now our legs have cooled and stiffened at little and the traffic has got a little lighter, permitting it to travel at between 90 and 120 kmh. Such is life living on the traffic island.

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