2000 Page Hits On The New Hole

It was 13 January 2007 when I moved Thomo’s Hole and blogs into WordPress. At that time, over the years, the old Thomo’s Hole had received over 300,000 page hits.

It had become somewhat static though as I updated blogs more often than the page. So, Moving it all to WordPress seemed the logical step to take. The Microsoft Live Spaces weblog that I used for a couple of years had over 14,500 page views in its lifetime and still is being hit, even though I am not updating it any longer. Interestingly, Thomo’s Hole here is performing about twice as fast (hit wise) as the MSN Live Space did. See 9000 Page Views and Counting and 10,000 Page Views Finally for some details there.

Now, in the first month of Thomo’s Hole on WordPress, there 1,000 page hits. The next two weeks saw a further 1,000 page hits, so now we are over 2000 hits, 383 of them unique.


The Hole lives!

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