Talking About About Time, part II

Lost Nomad noted that the Korean Police were going to crackdown on motorcyclists (and other vehicles I guess) riding on the footpaths.

I first went to Korea about 15 years ago now (gosh, is it really that long ago?) and lived for a year in Chon Ju (now Jeon Ju) for a year, Incheon for a year and Seoul for many years up to 2005. In that entire time I never saw much respect for the pedestrian on the footpath (side walk) from any drivers, with the exception of the times that a pedestrian did not give way to a car or bike. The result of that was generally a broken wing mirror and a lot of serious eye contact between the driver and the pedestrian.

Still there is no respect and even in Seoul at peak pedestrian periods motorcycles can be seen whizzing up and down the footpath.

At least these days pedestrian crossings are a little better respected than they were back then. Back in the 1990s the white lines on the zebra-crossings just made it easier for the driver to line the pedestrians up. 🙂

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