Blitzkrieg Commander – Wargame Rules for WWII

Blitzkreig Commander RulesI don’t know if it is perhaps dangerous to say this after o­nly o­ne battle! But o­n Saturday Night my group used the new WW2 rules BLITZKRIEG COMMANDER and I would have to say that these are the BEST WW2 land rules I have ever used. Fast and easy to play with innovative systems. Brilliantly laid out and with just about everything you need, rather than lots of supplements.

These are the o­nly rules I have every used o­n a tabletop, where I actually got the feeling of ‘Blitzkrieg’. Les was attacking a Polish Cavalry regiment that had occupied a farm during the 1939 Poland, PBEM campaign I have been running for the Wargames Mongrel group o­n the WWW. Everyone caught o­n to the system by move two or three and from then o­n everyone called out the system and scores to get results. I felt that by the end of the game everyone knew the rules and could have refereed a game. It was bloody brilliant!!!

To read the full review, follow this link.

4 thoughts on “Blitzkrieg Commander – Wargame Rules for WWII

  1. Darren 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am


    Can you please tell me who sell these rules in the UK?

    All the best



  2. Bob Benge 10 June 2012 / 2:22 pm

    Hi Ian…I feel strangely left out… 😦 ROFL
    Mein Panzer relegated to the bookshelf then? 😯

    Just kidding! How you doing?


    • thomo the lost 11 June 2012 / 12:44 am

      Doing well Bob – typing this from Jakarta – Breakfast in Singapore, dinner in Jakarta, several kilos of figures sitting unpainted in the condo … but some rules to read whilst I am away.

      I must plead guilty to never having looked at Mein Panzer … are they any good? 🙂

      As you may have noticed from recent posts, 19th century Europe is starting to interest me … trying to decide whether or not to do it as historical or imagi-nation. Of course, 19th century Europe could so easily lead me back to Victorian Science Fiction again … sigh, so many periods, so many projects, not nearly enough time!


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