Seoul Gets Taller

Artists Illustration of 620 metre high building - from Korail and the Korea TimesOne of my favourite cities is planning on getting taller. Seoul Metropolitan Government has reviewed a Korail (Korean National Railroad) blueprint to develop an international business zone near Yongsan Station. This will include a building up to about 620-meters high there. I wonder how it will look next to the Electronics Market and to the iPark building there that adjoins the railways station?

Details of the building are in the article 5 Skyscrapers to Change Seoul Landscape in the Korea Times.

This is quite an impressive size for Seoul – still, shorter than Taipei 101. The most amazing thing … and I am wondering how I missed it, is the building currently being constructed in Dubai, which is the 160-storey Burj Dubai, scheduled for completion next year. It will be more than 800 meters high 😯 The thing I wonder about is how come I have not managed to see it from any of my flights over the area. I mist remember to pay more attention next time.

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