Eset AntiVirus Purchasing Problems

Last year in Hong Kong I bought two copies of Eset’s NOD 32 Anti-virus software. It is good software, really. When it is running it is almost totally transparent, automatically updating and really only talking to me when it absolutely has to find something out. I liked it.

As readers of this blog will know, I spend a lot of time in Mongolia. In fact, pretty much all of 2005 and 2006 was spent in Mongolia. That is where I have my address.

I came back to the Middle East in January. In mid February my NOD32 license ran out. I have not been able to renew it until tonight. Whenever I go to the Eset website, I get redirected to the Middle East office. Then when I attempt to purchase a couple of licenses, I get a message that tells me that Eset is restricting sales to some markets. OK, the problem I have is that my residential address is Mongolia. My current location is the Middle East and the billing address for my credit card is Australia (I could have used the English one but that would have been too confusing for poor old Eset I guess).

The result of this is that I do not know where the restricted market is … probably Mongolia I guess as there is no online shopping site there.

Hel-looooo Eset. It is a global world now! 🙄

So, tonight I succeeded in getting a new license. I am annoyed because it has been over a month since the last license expired and therefore I cannot get a renewal, I have to get a new license. Again, not my fault if Eset’s poxy systems can’t handle a global world.

So how did I get the license sorted out tonight (well, I am thinking I sorted it out – I’ll let you know if an email turns up with the license during Australian business hours … er … hel-loooo again – Aussie Business Hours. Palease – automate the bloody process)? I lied, and used an address in Australia on the Australian website to order this from.

Love the software but the sales effort of the company sucks. In any case their website is at and the software is called NOD32. Really, the software is good, best I have used.

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