Conway’s All the World’s Fighting Ships: 1906-1921, editor, Randal Gray

Conway’s All the World’s Fighting Ships: 1906-1921Conway’s All the World’s Fighting Ships: 1906-1921 is also one of my most used and viewed reference works at the moment (along with the other Conway’s and The China Steam Navy reviewed elsewhere). Conway’s is the most complete reference on ships from the end of the pre-Dreadnought period to the end of the First World War. Vessels in service with all navies over the time period are covered.

Better than the Janes publications, Conway’s draws on many sources to provide information on all vessels in service in the time period from the Great Powers (Great Britain, USA, Germany, Russia, Japan, Austria-Hungary, France and Italy); Coast Defence Navies (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Turkey, China, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru); and the Minor Navies (Belgium, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, Haiti, Honduras, Latvia, Liberia, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Persia, Poland, Rumania, San Salvador, Sarawak, Siam, Uruguay, Venezuela, Yugoslavia and Zanzibar).

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