Australian Visa Rules Abuse

The Chosun Ilbo of Korea notes in an article about Prostitutes, Traffickers Abusing Australian Visa Rules that many Korean women are lured to Australia by unscrupulous Koreans on working holiday visas and that these women end up working in Korean Salons and in brothels in Australia for a year or two. Some women know the eventual destination of their travel, others are duped.

Apart from the appalling issue of the human trafficking that this involves, what really annoys me is that these practices make it so much more difficult to get visa approvals for genuine travel, especially for residents of other countries, especially those that are considered high-risk.

I also get annoyed with what can only be seen as some discrimination within the Australian Immigration Department. For example, somewhere between 40 and 60% of all visa applications for Mongolians to travel to Australia are rejected by the Australian Embassy in Beijing. Around 20% of the applications from the Chinese are rejected. It should be noted that both Mongolians and Chinese are the same risk group as far as Immigration Officials of Australia are concerned.

So, why the statistical anomaly? Are we in Australia really so frightened of 2,500,000 Mongolians? Chinggis Khaan did, after all, die about 800 years ago, surely we do not need to fear them any more?

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