Russian Films to Be Screened at 2nd Jeddah Fest

The Arab News noted on 19 June 2007 that Russian Films to Be Screened at 2nd Jeddah Fest . They noted that

Organizers of the first annual Saudi film festival, The Jeddah Visual Shows Festival that took place last July, are currently making final preparations for this year’s festival to be held over the summer

This is a sort of film festival and the plan is to show 30 short films over about a four or five day period. I can confirm, however, that I will not be attending it, not because I don’t want to (I would actually enjoy it in this boring place) but rather because I am a single man (here at least) and

For the second year running, single men will not be able to attend the event, which is only open to families. Highlights of this year’s festival also include a competition.

With regard to the location of the festival this year, which is the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s auditorium, the following should be noted:

Movie theaters have been banned in the Kingdom for over 20 years. In recent times, the film festival and literary clubs are the only public venues in which Saudis and expatriates can watch films. However, these venues do not attract vast numbers since they only show certain independently-made short movies.

My goodness, with all this lasciviousness and licentiousness the Saudi people must be really naughty, really bad, worse than any other Muslim or non-Muslim country’s people, to have had movie theatres banned. After all, movie theatres must be traditionally Arabic as they certainly predate the abaya in Saudi Arabia.

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