Bride, 12, Marries Groom, 15

I don’t like over-quoting from a source – trained too well by my University professors I guess – however, I can’t help it this time as it is a short piece from the Arab News noting that in Sakaka in the week prior to the publishing of this article on 25 June 2007, a child marriage took place.

The groom was 15 years old and the bride 12, an Arabic daily reported yesterday. The young couple still go to school and the groom’s father encouraged his son to marry because he himself married at a young age. The father of the bride would not allow the groom to pay a dowry.

Not so much of a honeymoon but rather more of playtime together.

How old does one of the partners need to be for paedophilia to apply?

I note also that from the various articles by Imams that are published in the newspaper here, the take of the scholars on dowry is that it is required and should always be paid – it is not for the bride’s father to refuse it as it is the bride’s dowry.

Really, as a father of boys and a girl, I find this news particularly disturbing. It tears at my heart to think of this. A childhood gone before it is complete. Anyway, make your own minds up about this.

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