The C-Men’s Current Scorecard

I’ve been a bit busy over the last couple of weeks and so this last week in particular, I have not really kept up with the news on my favourite Commission, the Saudi Arabian version of the Keystone Cops, the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (or as we know them here in the Hole, the Ministry of Licentiousness and Lasciviousness … the C-Men).

So, what have they been up to this last week? Since I last wrote in detail about them someone published a positive article about the C-Men and their worthwhile efforts at rehabilitating a drug addict whilst reuniting him with his son. This was reported by Yousuf Muhammad in Virtue Commission ‘Saves’ Young Boy. Whilst this is a worthy thing for the C-Men to do, I can’t help but think there may be a big stick involved in this as well. Anyway, to be fair, that’s one thing on the plus register.

On the negative side? Well, there have been the odd item or 10. Read on below.
Umm Faisal, the nom de guerre of the woman I mentioned a few weeks ago when the Commission Court postpones first lawsuit against Virtue Commission due to the C-Men who were on trial not bothering to turn up is pressing her prosecution of the C-Men, as reported in Umm Faisal vs. Commission: Trial Postponed Until Sept. 1 in today’s Arab News. Just to remind you of her “crime”:

Umm Faisal, a mother of five, has been in a years-long process of seeking damages against the commission members who detained her, her 21-year-old daughter, her Indonesian maid and the driver.

The charge? According to Umm Faisal the men, who allegedly didn’t immediately identify themselves as officers of the commission, said her daughter wasn’t appropriately dressed and that her veil didn’t cover her eyes.

So immoral and vice-ridden that – showing the eyes (which is, I believe, perfectly within the law of the Kingdom).

Umm Faisal’s prosecution of the Commission is based around:

Umm Faisal is suing the commission for tarnishing her reputation and causing her emotional and financial damages.

This is based on

“Article 8 in the Grievance Law (the law through which citizens can being charges against the government) which states that a person may not be physically or mentally harmed during the ongoing government investigation of a case,” the woman’s attorney, Abdul Rahman Al-Lahem, told Arab News. “In a conservative country like Saudi Arabia, if a Saudi woman is apprehended or questioned by the commission, her reputation is ruined. It will haunt her for decades, regardless or not if she turns out to be innocent or guilty of the charges later on.”

OK – That sort of balances off against the good news story.

Meanwhile, the Bulawi Family to Request New Autopsy was reported yesterday. The Bulawi family are the family of the retired gentleman who died of a heart attack after being arrested by the C-Men for an unrelated woman getting into his car (the woman was 50 years of age remember and was there with the permission of her guardians).

The reason for requesting the second autopsy was given by the family’s attorney.

Speaking to Arab News from Tabuk, Ouda Al-Bulawi, the attorney representing the deceased’s family (not related), said that family members were not convinced with the first official autopsy report. On Monday the lawyer told Arab News that the existing report has been withheld from the plaintiffs in the case, Bulawi’s family.

“The autopsy report shows that the deceased was beaten in his face,” said the lawyer. “There is a mark on his face that was mentioned in the report. But the report did not mention the object that hit him or how it happened.”

So, after public claiming that he just had the heart attack, it seems that he may have been beaten by the C-Men – and remember, this is strictly illegal in Saudi Arabia – torture is against the law.

Meanwhile, on the 3rd of July, the Arab News noted that the Huraisi Kin Want Autopsy Report to Be Released:

Relatives of Salman Al-Huraisi — a Saudi man who was allegedly beaten to death by a member of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice last month in Riyadh — are likely to request Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah to order the release of the autopsy report on the victim.

According to the deceased family’s attorney, Maher Al-Hazmi, family members have decided to take this step after the General Investigation and Prosecution Authority (GIPA) refused to provide the family with the autopsy report on the victim’s body.

“This is our last resort,” Al-Hazmi told Arab News. “The situation has gotten out of hand. We are seeking King Abdullah’s intervention in the matter to solve it. They (the GIPA) told us that the report was classified. They said that if we wanted to bury the body we would be given a death certificate only.”

The lawyer said that the medical report clearly states that the victim had been beaten severely in various parts of his body and that it rules out that the injuries were a result of falling.

It seems that the C-Men have been at the head of that tribe’s house recently trying to persuade him to drop the legal case, by offering Blood Money for the death.

Meanwhile, the C-Men are one group who have been pressing for Stricter Measures to Separate Men and Women in Banks’ HQ.

So, overall, I think the score is somewhat heavily stacked against the C-Men. If they were not so evil and dangerous, they would be a good topic for a comedy.

Previous articles here in the Hole about them can be found at:

Lastly, what an immoral place full of immoral people Saudi Arabia is if this much control is needed – luckily everywhere else in the world is much more virtuous and does not need this kind of silliness.

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