Thomo’s Travelling

Yep – I’m on the move for a couple of weeks. In addition to being on the move, my laptop is currently belly-up, suffering from the failure of the fan that keeps the CPU cool (or so it seems). I had it checked in Jeddah and that is what the Toshiba serviceman there said, along with those by now famous words of “it will take two weeks to fly the part in from Germany” – ever heard that before 🙂

I dropped it off the the Toshiba Service Centre here yesterday, so we’ll see what they say. Will it be a repair or will it be a new PC – only time will tell?

Of course this means that I now longer have access to the PC in my hotel room so posts to the Hole will be severely limited over the coming period. This may be a good thing otherwise I could talk about poor service at different airports I’ve been passing through, cheating taxi drivers- you know, the usual traveller’s tales. 😆

Anyhoo – there is a long cool drink with a fruit salad hanging off the side of the glass and an umbrella on the top of it with my name on it just there over by the pool. I’m off for a bit!

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