I Went To An Iftar Meal The Other Night

It was a formal meal the other night. Iftar, the meal that is traditionally had by Muslims after fasting for the day. The sun sets, the azans call, a quick coffee (Arabic) and some dates and things to break the day’s fast, then a second call and Maghreb prayer. Straight after Maghreb it is into a big dinner, iftar.

So, we had a formal one the other night which was held in one of the wedding centres here in Jeddah. Sunset was at 6:22. At 6:21 we arrived at the wedding centre. 6:22 it was coffee and dates (well, I passed on the dates I must admit). 6:32 Maghreb prayer was on. 6:42 and it was in to the other hall for dinner – bucket-loads and bucket-loads of food. Ate. Ate again. Ate a third time (well, that was the om ali round). Headed out of the food hall almost collecting a free gift of perfume but they had run out. Walked out of the wedding centre at 7:19.

So formalised and so quick. Still, it was interesting – there was about 800 men in the hall. However I will not be doing a suhoor 🙂

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