The C-Men Do Some Good

I tend to spend a fair bit of time here in Thomo’s Hole pointing out the failings and the idiocy of the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (or as I prefer to think of them, the Ministry of Licentiousness and Lasciviousness – the muttawa). It seems, however, that the C-Men have actually done some good. The Arab News noted that the Virtue Commission’s Special Wing Fights Charlatans in an article today. It seems that the C-Men in Taif have

arrested 25 charlatans of both sexes following the establishment a year ago of a special anti-sorcery department in the agency’s local branch.

Fahd Al-Thubaiti, head of the department, said one of the 25 detainees was a Saudi. “People need to understand the danger of witchcraft and its negative effects on society in general. No one can be a good Muslim and believe in black magic at the same time,” he said.

OK, so more sorcery and black magic. The C-Men also noted that the centre

arrests both people that dabble in magic and also fraudsters who claim they have special skills. He said all agents of the department are qualified and have good background knowledge of religion. In addition, they take several training courses, he added.

Now I am impressed. The C-Men undertake special training courses and receive qualifications in recognising and dealing with black magic. I only hope that their interrogation techniques are better than their brethren in Riyadh. It seems, according to Al-Thubaiti, that there has been an increase in the number of witch doctors in the Kingdom due to television programs promoting magic. I am sure that the ladies from Charmed will be most impressed with the effect they have on the local population here.

What is really cute in this whole story is that the C-Men noted that it seems women are more attracted to black magic to ensure that their husbands love them and are not “playing any away games”. They also use the black magic to beget children. Well, apart from the fact that I wondered if anyone “begot” children anymore, I always thought that the act of begetting children had more to do with certain physical actions where the only Black Magic involved was a box of chocolates.

3 thoughts on “The C-Men Do Some Good

  1. Jeffy 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    I was laughing out loud at that. Ah sorcery… dammit I thought we (as a race and a civilisation) were past witch hunting.

    I guess Harry Potter isn't a best seller there then :).


  2. thomo the lost 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    We worked out most of the witch thingy in the 17th century (or was it the 18th) with Salem. However there is a strong belief in Black Magic and Sorcery here.

    But, Harry Potter is popular here, including pre-purchase and waiting queues for the next volume in the same way that you see in England or Australia. Go Figure.


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