C-Men Arrest Man for Blackmailing Women

From the 6 November issue of the Arab News, it seems that the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (our by now famous buffoons also known as the C-Men or the Ministry of Licentiousness and Lasciviousness), have allegedly being doing good things. There was a report about the C-Men in Mahd-al-Dahab arresting an Arab resident who had been blackmailing a number of women to have sex with him.

According to the C-Men, the man was blackmailing his victims by threatening to post indecent photographs of them on the Internet. Apparently the C-Men found a number of photos and videos of the supposed victims at the man’s apartment.

“The man had been living here for 13 years and was abusing the local people’s goodwill. He used his knowledge of the small local community to manipulate women,” said Ayman Al-Bilahish, head of the commission’s Mahd Al-Dahab branch.

Apparently the man would also force his victims to give him money.

“An address book with his victims’ phone numbers was also found. The commission coordinated with the victims in a confidential manner to avoid them getting in trouble with their family,” said Al-Bilahish.


So, what’s wrong with all this? Well, given the negative press generated by the C-Men over recent months, at the start of a trial into the C-Men killing a suspect in Riyadh, an unsubstantiated and untraceable good news report comes from the C-Men. In addition, it happens to coincide with a story released by the C-Men some months ago where a similar blackmail scam was foiled by the C-Men.

But most of all, we only have the word of the C-Men that any of this happened and that this took place. So, truth or just trying to create some good news spin?

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