Your Blog Is Successful When SPAM > Unique Visits

Yep – forget the Technorati rankings, forget Google’s relevance, forget those other things that I’ve, er, forgotten. The true measure of how successful your blog is in the Blogosphere is to look at the statistics for your blog.

It occurred to me today whilst clearing the usual offers of larger appendages, 8,000 kinds of blue movie and the drugs necessary to show that you are interested and excited in those items, that the truth of the success of the blog is in the statistics.

So, in the case of Thomo’s Hole, we see that I have made 327 posts (328 including this one). Akismet has protected my site from 12,551 spam comments – er, and I’ve protected it from 14 spam comments. The site itself has Counterize II Statistics of 61,220 total hits and 8,316 unique – this is from late January 2007.


SPAM = 12,551
Unique Hits = 8,316
Therefore SPAM > Unique Hits = Successful Blog

I think I need a cup of tea and another excitement pill now … where did I put that last batch of SPAM?

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