More on Saudi Justice

It seems that the Ministry of Justice has been stung to make comment about the ruling in the Qatif Girl rape case. See New Ministry Statement on Qatif Case in the Arab News (also being reported on CNN amongst other places).

Seems the official release from the Ministry of Justice notes that the woman and man were not accosted at the mall but rather in a dark area near the beach where the woman’s clothes were on the ground. This, of course, was too much for the seven men discovering her so they immediately raped her.

The woman was not married but rather engaged at this time. However, the court felt that what happened was per and her companions fault as well, hence the increased penalty on her (still seems like she is being penalised for being raped – really, I can see now where the old Mad Mufti of Australia must have got is religious interpretations from).

So, it appears now as though it was all the woman’s fault. Well, except for the fact that the Ministry of Justice are now contradicting the police reports about this crime that noted that the woman and man were abducted from the shopping mall and that there had been no breaking of law with regards to unrelated men and women being in a private place together.

It appears as though the Ministry of Justice is using the same press agent as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice. I just can’t believe this.

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