Vice Cops Unearth Magical Objects Hidden in Graves

I forgot to mention. The other day (well , 3 days ago to be exact) the Arab News published a piece about the Vice Cops Unearthing Magical Object Hidden in Graves. This ties in rather nicely with a piece I had here back in October called The C-Men Do Some Good.

Now don’t think that this is a developed country here. There are still problems with people marrying someone from a different tribe and there is a legal system that does not recognise any precedents. This takes the cake, however. The Arab News reported that:

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice [they are the evil buffoons I call the C-Men or the Minsitry of Licentiousness and Lasciviousness] discovered 23 black magic works buried in two graves in Al-Aqeefa district of Yanbu. A citizen had alerted the commission on the location of the black magic tokens and they were successfully pulled out of the graves.Ibrahim Al-Jabbari, the local director of the commission, said the removed items had been placed around the heads and legs of the corpses. Among the items were knives and pieces of paper where magical spells were written.

Al-Jabbari said in all the commission found more than 23 black magic works hidden inside deserted graves. The spells were written on knives and papers wrapped inside knots, next to the dead bodies.

A sorcerer who had repented told the commission’s members about 11 magical works hidden inside graves.

Also, a citizen passing by the graves found another eight magical works by coincidence. “I immediately reported to the commission after I found the magic works while walking between graves,” said a citizen who wished to remain anonymous.

OK. So what I want to know from this is how did this passing citizen find another eight magical works by coincidence when these are buried with corpses? What was this citizen doing?

Authorities mobilized their security personnel to guard local cemeteries from further acts of dark magic. Saad Al-Subhi, a cemetery worker, said, “We have intensive security all over the cemetery and if anyone tried to sneak into the cemetery he will get caught.”

Hmm. I am impressed. Obviously security is not that good if at least 2 lots of objects were brought into the cemetary and buried with bodies.

Being the sceptic that I am, I cannot help but think that this is another concocted news release from the C-Men attempting to show their value to Saudi society at a time that they face criticism for the poor performance of their operatives.

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