Sunburn :-(

You’d think that having been born and raised in Australia as well as having travelled the world that by now I would have an inkling about the sun and its effects.

Bzzzzzt! Wrong.

I was 20 minutes too late with the sunscreen. Goodness, how embarrassing, back here in Oz and now I look like a Pommie tourist! Red, red red!   😳


One thought on “Sunburn :-(

  1. wallace doyle 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    That's a lotta meat to burn considering you are not set up on an Aussie rotating spit! If you had been I suppose the burn would have been more evenly distributed. Reddish-pink bastards abound at work-these guys are Turk/ lebanese/portugese etc origin but they still fry despite the swarthy pelts-what chance a white man? W.-Oh yeah, what's your plans this month, movementwise-we gonna seeya ya fat prick?


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