Typing With Two Hands

I’ve been doing a bit of travelling recently. The good thing about travelling is that you get plenty of time to catch up on reading books, watching movies, thinking and so on.

I was thinking.

In fact, I was thinking about the fact that I typed with both hands. Don’t ask me why, I was just thinking about it. I first started typing on Telex machines and old typewriters – definitely two fingers. Then I spent more time on computers and started working in IT and so then I progressed to typing with two hands without ever doing a touch typing course. Well, so I thought.

On reflection (and this has been confirmed as I type this), I have discovered that I only use 1.2 hands. Yep. I use all the fingers and occasionally the thumb of one hand but only one finger from the other hand. It is not even the index finger but rather the second finger (or the “rude” finger as some would have it).

What’s even more mixed up is that it is the full left hand that I use and only the one finger from the right hand.

Weird or what?


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