EC Plaza ( – B2B Portal

Stupid – no other way to describe it. I was helping a friend and looking for some machinery. Came across a place called EC Plaza which lists many companies in China.

How stupid are these EC Plaza folks?

First I am sitting here in Saudi Arabia and inquiring for a friend in Mongolia – so I have to register on the site but because of super-stupid programming, they pick up my web server here in Saudi Arabia as my country and I cannot change it – so now Ulaanbaatar is in Saudi Arabia and the phone number is also a Saudi number.

Worse though, they presented me with a list of several thousand industry codes for me to select the code that applied to me. Hello fools, I am a buyer – that is, a customer. You make it easy for me or I go elsewhere.

If you are a business listed with them, I’d really think of using another portal.

So, according to EC Plaza, I am writing this blog entry from our Nuclear Reactor here in Ulaanbaatar, Outer Saudi Arabia.

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