Albatros DVa and Pfalz DXII Being Restored at AWM

It seems that the Australian War Memorial, being the proud possessor of an Albatros DVa and a Pfalz DXII, has decided to restore them for display in November this year (I guess as an exhibition on the Great War and to celebrate 90 years since Armistice Day).

The ABC had a report on it – you can read it at Rare warbirds restored in Canberra which contains info on the restoration as well as a couple of neat pictures. Best of all is the description of the camouflage of the aircraft which French aircraft expert Alain Vallet noted

When you have a look at this particular camouflage, you just see dots of colour but once in the air you just see a dark shade and we have experience with flying a 457 covered like this and it is the worst airplane to get a photograph of.You just see a blur, you don’t see a real shape, it is made to destroy the shape of the airplane. So it is lighter in colour on the underside of the airplane and much darker on the topside.

I, for one, will be hanging around there at that time.

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