Thomo Travels

For the next 5 days I’m travelling – back from here to Canberra then back to here.

I probably will do no posts over this time although I hope to report a new development to the Hole here in a week or so – making it easier for the blog bunnies to find the wargame related stuff and for those interested in the traveller tales to find them.

In the meantime, three nights in aircraft and airport terminals, two nights in beds coming up. 😯 😦

One thought on “Thomo Travels

  1. thomo the lost 30 November 1999 / 8:00 am

    And I have to report that the bed last night was wonderful – I think that is the most I have enjoyed a bed by myself since, well, forever – two nights on aircraft with only terminals in between is a great way to appreciate the bed


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